Volume 8, 2005


Special Section: Theodore W. Allen, 1919-2005

Editors' Introduction


Jeffrey B. Perry

"In Memoriam: Theodore W. Allen"


Theodore W. Allen

"Commentary on István Mészáros's Beyond Capital"


Other Articles

E. San Juan, Jr.

"Terrorism and Revolution:
The Struggle for National Democracy and Socialism in the Philippines"


Larry Schwartz

"Roth, Race, and Newark"


Grover Furr

"Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform, Part One"

"Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform, Part Two"


Richard Brosio

"Civil Society:
Concepts and Critique from a Radical Democratic Perspective"


Jerry Leonard

(From) Veils: Engaging Spivak, Chapter 1:
"Whose Imprimatur?"


Tanner Mirrlees

"Cognitive Mapping or, the Resistant Element in the Work of Fredric Jameson:
A Response to Jason Berger"


Justin Paulson

"Crime and Warfare in the U.S.:
American Narratives of Violence, Terrorism, and Retribution"


Two on Eagleton

Roland Boer

"Terry Eagleton and the Vicissitudes of Christology"


Dougal McNeill

"Sounding the Future:
Marxism and the Plays of Terry Eagleton"



The San Francisco Million Worker March Committee

"Forging the Fightback:
The Million Worker March Movement Calls for Rank and File Unity
in the Struggle for Workers' Rights and an End to the War in Iraq"

Video Clips of Selected Speakers and Performers, The Million Worker March,
Washington, D.C., October 17, 2004



Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao

E. San Juan, Jr., Racism and Cultural Studies:
Critiques of Multiculturalist Ideology and the Politics of Difference


Martha Gimenez

George Snedeker, The Politics of Critical Theory: Language/Discourse/Society


Joseph G. Ramsey

Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbot, Directors, The Corporation



Manuel Yang

Poems on Sex & Love


Notes on Contributors

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